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My Favorite Yarns - Update #1

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I’ve been meaning to write this from a long time ago, but when it comes to yarn ...how can you rush!?  You could be crocheting or knitting, learning about yarn, reading about yarn, writing about yarn, ...either way - there is no way to rush the process.  And even if you could...why would you want to? LOL. I know I wouldn’t, especially if I’m crocheting with some of my favorite fibers!

Come and Meet the Winterberry Sweater!!

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The Winterberry Sweater gives you the best of all four worlds!  I had a blast designing this sweater, which may or may not be the last in her collection (See Winterberry Slouch Crochet Pattern and Winterberry Infinity Crochet Pattern). Working with the honeycomb stitch and designing from the top-down, I can honestly say it was a task figuring out the numbers and increases. But once it hit me….it HIT me!

Alpha Beanie Crochet Pattern

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The Alpha Beanie was inspired by a few knit creations I found on Instagram & Pinterest. I'm a HUGE fan of texture (if you didn't already know) so I'm always playing around with stitch combos.

The Alpha Beanie is quick, simple and beginner friendly. For this pattern, I used less than one ball of Lion Brand's Jean's yarn and a 6 mm hook. This pattern uses two simple stitches to get a textured design; single crochet ribbing and extended double crochet. I learned extended double crochet just a few months ago. I'm pretty sure it's not new, but I hardly ever see it being used. This was my first time incorporating it in a design, so if you haven't yet...grab your materials & here's your chance!