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Back to Basics...Back to Stripes!

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Back to basics...back to school...back to stripes!!! It’s that time of the year again! September is approaching and while some of you have already seen your kiddos off to school, there are a few still prepping for that day.  Whether you’re reaching for the tissues or releasing that sigh of relief...or both...we all go through that emotional roller coaster getting ready for a brand new shift in our lives. 

Come and Meet the Winterberry Sweater!!

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The Winterberry Sweater gives you the best of all four worlds!  I had a blast designing this sweater, which may or may not be the last in her collection (See Winterberry Slouch Crochet Pattern and Winterberry Infinity Crochet Pattern). Working with the honeycomb stitch and designing from the top-down, I can honestly say it was a task figuring out the numbers and increases. But once it hit me….it HIT me!

Iona Arrow Scarf Crochet Pattern

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The Iona Arrow Scarf was designed using Lion Brand’s Shawl in a Cake in colorway Namaste Neutrals. When I first saw this yarn, I thought of my mother; hence the name which is quite similar to hers. Warm neutrals were always her favorite and I just knew I had to make her something from it. Now she is a woman who doesn't like big heavy scarves and wraps, so this lightweight fiber was perfect for her. Its made of cotton, acrylic and metallic material, a perfect blend for someone who loves the light and airy next to skin feeling.

At first I was a bit worried when working up this design because it does tend to have a fuzz factor. But after a few rows into the project, I realized the “fuzz” was adding a unique texture to the design…and I kept going. I began to fall in love, especially with the smooth subtle color changes. Not all ombres are the same, but the colors were still beautiful. I gifted it to my mother and her gigantic smile from ear to ear made me feel all sorts of happy.

Not only did she love the scarf and the pattern, but my Instagram followers as well! So here’s the short and sweet pattern for you to try. I trust it’ll make the perfect gift from you to you or a loved one! Happy Making!