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Back to Basics...Back to Stripes!

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Back to basics...back to school...back to stripes!!! It’s that time of the year again! September is here and while some of you have already seen your kiddos off to school, there are a few still prepping for that day.  Whether you’re reaching for the tissues or releasing that sigh of relief...or both...we all go through that emotional roller coaster getting ready for a brand new shift in our lives. 

Although I finished my primary and secondary education eons ago, I still feel the euphoric moment of starting fresh for the upcoming Fall season.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an aunt, uncle, mom, dad, designer, student...even the babysitter….it always seems as if September is the month for a new beginning.

That new sharpened pencil ready to sketch your Spring/Summer designs for the next year...or turning the first page of a new notebook...to realizing you’re not going to like that new teacher who assigns seats - no questions asked…

Or perhaps the extra 15 minutes that gets slapped on to our work commute if we don’t leave in time to beat the school bus traffic...or braking ever so cautiously around school yards to take account for the children that dash across the streets without looking...to barely arriving at work on time only to realize your shirt is on backwards…

I think we’ve all been there...I know I have! 

The upcoming Fall season is so exciting for me, especially as a designer of cozywear.  It’s a time for releasing all you’ve been working on all Summer and scheming up new designs for next year if you haven’t already. And with that being said, I’m excited to introduce The Back to Stripes Sweater as the first official release for Fall 2019! 

Back to Stripes 6.jpeg

As I sat there creating this top a flood of childhood memories rushed through my mind.  Not only are the colors in this design extremely and unintentionally similar to my elementary uniform - it’s fun, its fitting, and its stripe-y! I had a blast playing around with the colors and you can too!  Perhaps you can also create a color palette that resonates with a fond memory you may have. One thing I love about being a designer is being able to create things that bring back memories or have a special meaning...intentional or unintentional. 

While we welcome this new season, I hope we all strive to be our best selves in everything we do. If you absolutely cannot wait to make your own Back to Stripes Sweater ...visit here to snatch a copy of your own.  I hope to see your special creations soon!

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