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The Basic Spring Tee Says "Hello"!!!

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Basic Spring Tee

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the Basic Spring Tee!  This top was designed to make life easy whether you are making it and/or wearing it! I love simple garments with a pop of “something” on the side.  In this case, the Basic Spring Tee sports a boat neck and puffy sleeves which adds a sweet and fashionable character to it. I love to play around with different ways to construct garments and I think you’ll love the way this one works up.  It is worked from the top down, however not seamless.

Basic Spring Tee

For this design, I used a Merino wool blend that is so soft to the touch. You may see the word wool and wonder why on earth would she choose to design with a wool fiber with the hotter weather approaching. It is a proven fact that merino wool not only keeps you warm in the winter, but it also keeps you cool in the summer! The fiber itself draws away any moisture your body may produce and is desiccated. I don’t know about you, but that is super cool to me! While any lightweight fiber can be used to create this garment, I wanted to work with a merino blend to see how I would like it. Turns out I LOVE it! I think you’'ll enjoy wearing it as well, and if you’re crocheting your own, I can’t wait to see what fiber you choose for this design. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

If this is your first time making a garment and you want to bring your skill set up a notch, this pattern is for you! This spring piece is very beginner friendly and I’ve also added a helpful video to get you started on your way.

The Basic Spring Tee will be the perfect staple to your wardrobe.  It uses weight 3 yarn which tends to be very airy to make and wear for this season and many to come!  Throw it on with just about anything and you’re good to go. It’s perfect for school, work, date nights, or for a quick run!  I guarantee you’ll look cute either way!

Ready to crochet your very own Basic Spring Tee? Click here.

Would you like to have your Basic Spring Tee custom made? Click here.

Special thanks to my wonderful testers who worked very hard to help me put this pattern together!